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Are you looking for real relief from crushing fatigue? You’re not alone. According to a report published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, the most common complaint of patients in general medical practice is fatigue, and in fact, chronic fatigue is reported by 20% of all patients seeking medical care. Various medical conditions are associated with chronic fatigue, and it is often an important secondary condition in many clinical diagnoses. At the cellular level, fatigue is involved with cellular energy systems that for the most part are found in the mitochondria. Damage to cellular mitochondria can impair the abilities of cells to produce energy, leaving the patient feeling fatigued and, in many cases, unable to perform life’s daily duties.


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Human Fatigue Study – 33% Fatigue Reduction in 8 Weeks
A scientific study(1) was conducted to determine whether fatigue, as defined by the reliable Piper Fatigue Scale (PFS), could be significantly relieved by use of a phosphoglycolipid-rich dietary supplement – NT Factor®, in a targeted sampling of the general population (mean age=50.3 years). Sixty four (64) subjects completed the self-reported PFS and were admitted to the study when their self reported sign/symptom severity scores were converted to fatigue scores and rated as high moderate to severe fatigue. The PFS has been shown to accurately reflect the multifactorial nature of fatigue through statistical factor analysis and clinical studies.

Results: Using the Piper Fatigue Scale (PFS), there was a 33% reduction in fatigue after eight weeks on NT Factor®. The PFS rates fatigue from a score of 0 (no fatigue) to 10 (severe fatigue). The average initial fatigue score for the group before treatment was reported as severe (mean score=7.9). After the fourth week of supplementation, the average fatigue score was rated as moderate (mean=6.1). At the eighth week of supplementation, the final average score was rated as moderate (mean=4.7). In this self-reported study, dietary supplementation significantly reduced fatigue as measured by the PFS.

Human Mitochondrial Study – Restored Cellular Function of 60 Year-Olds to Young Adult Levels
Decreased mitochondrial function is a characteristic of aging and fatigue. Researchers from the University of California at Irvine and The Institute for Molecular Medicine in Huntington Beach, CA(3) evaluated the effects of NT Factor® on mitochondrial function in 20 people (average age 60 years) to determine whether mitochondrial function is reduced in aging subjects with mild to moderately severe fatigue, and if the process could be reversed with NT Factor® supplementation in concert with improvement in fatigue scores.

Mitochondria of peripheral blood cells were isolated using flow cytometry and stained with fluorescent reducing dye Rhodamine-123. Results: Improvement of mitochondrial function in 8 weeks reached levels normally seen in young adults. Continued use maintained improved levels. Patients’ fatigue improvement as measured by the published Piper Fatigue Scale correlated with increased mitochondrial function. A washout period caused function to return to near baseline indicating a need for continued use. Dosing during the study was 3 tablets twice daily. All statistical measurements were considered significant.

How Probiotics Help You Absorb Crucial Nutrients

Robert Settineri, M.S., a nutriceutical research consultant and co-author of one of the human trials on Propax (a supplement which contains NT Factor®), reported to Health Sciences Institute in a March 2004 article that the probiotics in NT Factor® help improve the absorption of both the supplemental phospholipids in NT Factor®, as well as the other nutrients in the formula. He said “NT Factor supports the entire biodelivery system.” He continued, “the probiotics support the digestive tract and displace the pathogens which are competing for space. It prepares the digestive tract to absorb nutrients better, and phospholipids are absorbed in the gut.”

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