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Labor and Delivery-Can Spiritual Healing Help?
Bringing life into the world is one of the most wonderful events in a life. It is a great time for parents but adding a child in the family may cause some stress and anxieties. Spiritual and healing can be an enormous help for both father and mother to adjust to their new roles. Bonding was thought to be done at birth but new evidence shows that babies respond to external environment outside the womb. Touch and sound can influence the fetus. Soothing music can help keep babies quiet in the...

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Treating Depression with Spiritual Healing

Depression does not mean you are not a spiritual being. Depression can be caused by many physical and emotional sources. It is sometimes hard for the spiritual world to separate the spiritual from the material world. They are both part of the same creation and cannot be separated. Having a chemical imbalance in the brain can cause a person to lean toward being pessimistic, fearing the unknown, having sadness and being lonely even when in a crowd of people. Treatment for depression can have a material side and a spiritual side. People who we look to as "spiritual" have had to hide their depression until it has nearly been too late to help them in any way. The church then often shuns those who allow their depression side to show because they believe the person does not have enough faith or they wouldn't be depressed! This drive many people away from organized religions. Depression can be treated both spiritually and materially. A doctor can recommend a medication that will allow a better balance in the chemical response in the brain. We can exercise to help relieve stress and reduce depression. Exercise allows our body to make our own antidepressant and gives us the energy to do what we have to do. Many people have related their experience of feeling less depressed and gaining more energy after they make themselves do physical exercise. As much as they hate it, exercise does help. Our minds can alert us when we are feeling depressed and we can choose to decide how we will handle the depression. Spiritual healing can help us focus on a Higher Power and allow us to listen closely to the spiritual side of our nature. Sharing with others who share the same problems as you do can also help us to know that we are not alone. In any group, we can always find someone whose life is worse than ours. Support groups help us to share our experiences and encourage others who are going through the same trials and troubles. Filling your mind with inspirational reading material can combat the depression that can often disable us both mentally and physically. Reading helps us focus and know that we are loved and not alone in the world. It can give us hope for a life after this one and keep us focused on our spiritual healing. Gathering with others who believe as you will help us to give thanks for all our little blessings and that in turn will fill us with joy. Sports, hobbies, and family time will give us a spirit of fun and laughter is a great tension reliever. Having fun helps us realize we may be taking the situation too seriously. Fun can help us forget for a time what is troubling our spirit. Prayers for spiritual and emotional healing can be answered in many ways. We may not experience an instant cure for depression, but we can learn to live with it. It will take a combination of spiritual and medical treatment and allowing our spirit to accept the help that medicine and spirituality can give to...........read more

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