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Healing touch starts with the theory that all people are naturally healthy. Healing touch practitioners believe this is a complementary medicine used to change the way a person thinks. They believe that negative thinking can disturb their energy field and make them sick. The purpose of healing touch is to help restore the patient's natural healthy energy field. Healing touch can influence a person's physical, emotional, and spiritual health. This is done without touching the...

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Spiritual Healing for Infertility

Healing is one of the most widely practiced methods of alternative medicine. It is widely mentioned in writings from ancient Sumerian, Chinese, and Egyptian writings. Healing is well documented in both the Old and New Testament. Healing is practiced regularly in every culture around the world. Spiritual healing suggests that healing occurs with a spiritual awareness of a Higher Power. Faith healing is a term used by some evangelical Christians but that term suggests visions of shouting frenzies in tents put up by traveling evangelists. Many times patients are planted in the audience and faith healing is not a common term used by most Christians. Some has practiced spiritual healing dealing with infertility in many cultures throughout the world. Infertility may be caused by hormonal imbalances, previous infections in the reproductive organs, and stress or emotional tension. An increasing reason for infertility is credited to the male. Low sperm count possibly caused by toxins found in foods and their physical environment. Some couples do not conceive and have no obvious physical problems. Often a couple that adopts a child find they are pregnant immediately after because of a decrease in tension and stress caused by the infertility. Healers report many infertile couples respond to spiritual healing, especially those that have no physical problems evident. Many couples that were declared infertile and given no hope of conceiving were able to get pregnant after spiritual healing. A healer may do healing for infertility by applying hands to the patient. Distance healing has been successful too. Reiki healing uses both hands on healing and distance healing. Healing can take place from a few feet away or half the world away. Reiki is a spiritual healing developed by the Japanese and can be developed or is a gift the healer was given naturally. It can be learned, just as playing the piano can be learned. The gift develops faster in some than in others. If you don't feel a natural affinity for the gift of healing it might be a gift not attempt to gain. Infertility healers may place their hands over the body of the patient in certain patterns, or may rely on intuition to guide their hands. The energy fields of the healer and the infertile woman interact while the healer is meditating or focusing mentally on healing. A Professor of Nursing developed therapeutic Touch and is an example of this healing. The absent or distant healing approach has the healer focusing on the patient by meditation or prayer. Healing may ease emotional stress or tension and allow a patient to conceive after years of trying. It is effective in men with abnormal sperm counts and helps them to father a child. If you are having trouble conceiving a child, you may want to look into alternative medicines for help. Holistic means of helping infertility have answered the prayers of many infertile couples. Relaxation and easing stress are often important tools to healing infertility. Spiritual healing can be help for both of these...........read more

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