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Dealing With Suffering
Where is God when we are suffering? Many people have asked that question. When God created us he made us perfect until sin was brought into the world. When sin was introduced, suffering followed. It is no longer a perfect world and we can all expect some suffering in our lives. Why is it that some people seem to suffer more than others? Why do some people have to endure constant pain and slow death from cancer? Why do Christian marriages break apart and cause suffering for adults and...

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Who Can Be A Spiritual Healer?

Ultimately, spiritual healing comes from God. The early apostles healed the sick and many instances are recorded in the New Testament. Jesus gave his twelve disciples the authority to drive out demons and heal sickness. He gave each the power to raise the dead, clean people of leprosy and heal EVERY disease and sickness. Matthew 10:1 & 8 documents this. In Acts, the Apostle Peter healed a crippled man asking for alms. Acts 3:6-7 record this event.

Jesus also appointed 72 more disciples to go into every town and place and heal the sick. They were to go to a town that welcomed them, eat what was put in front of them, and tell them the Kingdom of God was near.

In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus gave all believers the ability to heal the sick. Calling this talents signs, one of them was to lay hands on the sick to heal them. All believers are capable of being healers. Every Christian believer may be an instrument used by God to administer spiritual and physical healing. In the Bible it sates that some believers but not all will be empowered by the Holy Spirit with the "gift" of healing. Healing is only one of several gifts of the Spirit that are mentioned in 1 Corinthians. It also says that no gift is greater than the other. Other gifts of the spirit include administration, helping, teaching, prophecy, and speaking in tongues. It is noted that only "some" are given the gift of healing.

Healing takes many forms in the Bible. Jesus used spit and dirt to make mud to heal blind eyes. Just laying on the street when the Apostle Paul would walk by where his shadow would touch them healed others! Other incidents speak of healing by pouring on oil and wine, drinking a little wine, and using a poultice of figs.

God's healing is a benefit that Jesus gives his followers because of his death and resurrection. Jesus healed many people when he was in this world, and He is still healing today. Methods vary among different congregations. Some practice "laying on of hands," anointing with oil, and concentrated prayer by the elders of the Church.

Many are instrumental in spiritual and physical healing even if they are miles or continents away. Many report seeing healing take place when believers all over the world joined their voices in prayer for miraculous healing. All believers can be healers but all are not called to be healers. In Corinthians it tells us that no gift of the spirit is better than another one. If you don't have the gift of healing you probably have other gifts that are just as important. Anyone can pray for another individual! Miracles happen through the power of prayer. All believers can help with prayer.

Spiritual healing is not confined to the Christian church. Many religions believe in the power to heal and practice that belief all over the world.

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