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Spiritual Healing for Infertility
Healing is one of the most widely practiced methods of alternative medicine. It is widely mentioned in writings from ancient Sumerian, Chinese, and Egyptian writings. Healing is well documented in both the Old and New Testament. Healing is practiced regularly in every culture around the world. Spiritual healing suggests that healing occurs with a spiritual awareness of a Higher Power. Faith healing is a term used by some evangelical Christians but that term suggests visions of shouting...

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The Use of Hypnotherapy with Spiritual Healing

Professional hypnotherapists do not claim special powers. They have trained extensively in the techniques they use in their practice. Hypnotherapy is offered to patients and clients for a professional fee. Hypnotherapists recognize the connection between the mind-body connections and allow a person to control their lives and still tap into a great spiritual power.

The mind-body connection is well known and Western medicine has also taken a fresh look at this connection. The Eastern religions have used spiritual healing and alternative methods with medical healing for centuries. The Western medical profession is taking a good look at this mind-body connection. They recognize the link between how we feel about our life and how improvements can be made when we have a more positive attitude about our life and body.

Hypnotherapists do not believe that sickness has an underlying cause that is spiritual. They believe there is not one particular cause such as unconfessed sin that keeps our body from healing. They do believe you can tap into your subconscious mind to improve attitudes, heal emotions, and change attitudes. The hypnotherapist uses a one-on-one interview to decide where the problem is and the best hypnotic suggestions to help with the problem. The patient is taken into a sate of relaxation but acute alertness. This state is called hypnosis and suggestions and ideas are planted into the patient's mind to help adapt old ways of thinking and promote emotional healing. The patient comes out of the hypnotic state feeling relaxed, refreshed, and much more optimistic. The hypnotic trance allows the therapist to place positive thoughts in the patient's mind. Thoughts such as "You no longer can feel the pain in your joints" are placed in the subconscious mind. When their hypnosis session is over the subconscious mind takes over and tells the body the pain in the joints is no longer there. It is important to note the patient needs to go into the session with the expectation the hypnotherapists will help them.

Those patients who choose hypnotherapy probably will not experience instant relief. It may take several sessions. The therapists will carefully evaluate the progress the patient is making and adjust the therapy as they think necessary. One important part of hypnotherapy is the patient is given emotional support by the hypnotherapists. This is an important part for lasting and positive change in the patient's life.

Hypnotherapists make it clear that their services should be used as well as help from the medical profession. They strongly urge their patients to take their medications, have their treatments, and continue to see their doctor while they are undergoing hypnotherapy. There is a danger in relying on spiritual healing alone to heal physical and emotional problems. Hypnotherapy empowers the patient and builds their self-esteem. Each patient is treated and recognized as autonomous and powerful in their way. Low self-esteem is often linked to substance and alcohol abuse and depression. Hypnotherapy builds up self-esteem and encourages the patient while they are undergoing medical attention.

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