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Can Spiritual Healing Be Proven?
There are many holistic and therapeutic techniques that involve some spiritual traits. They may use different approaches and styles but all use spirituality as the key. Healers may call upon angels, God, or other spiritual beings to channel healing power to the patient. They may practice in healing centers, hospice care units, nursing homes or hospitals. Spiritual healers will often work long distance over the Internet or the telephone. Schools offer courses in spiritual healing and...

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Spiritual Healing in the Medical Practice

The United Kingdom recognizes the effects of spiritual healing and has instituted a Code of Conduct with the approval of the Royal Colleges of Medicine, Surgery, Nursing, and Midwifery. Spiritual healers have been allowed in hospitals covered by the National Health Service since the 1970's. This means the National Health Services pay the fees charged by the healers. Initially, the patients were the ones to request their healers are admitted to their hospital room. Now, hospitals have invited the healers to be a part of their staff and have placed them in many wards. They are often used in the cardiac unit, hospice center, and pain control area of the hospital.

Doctors in the United Kingdom have been sending patients to healers for many years, and doctors in the United States are using healers in their offices. These healers are not to take the place of medical intervention but to use along with regular medical treatment. Doctors and nurses are offered approved courses to help them develop their healing gifts.

Hospitals and doctors in the United Kingdom claim the use of trained healers is cost effective. They indicate a significant savings on medical care when a healer treats a patient. Studies indicate patients' need less medicine and fewer visits to the doctor's office when a healer also treats them.

A doctor-healer network holds regular meetings in cities throughout the United Kingdom. They meet with each other, and other spiritual healers to discuss treatments and ways they can effectively work together for the patient's good. Opening dialogue between doctors and healers can be an important part of the patient's healing. When the doctors and healers are working in harmony the patient has a much better chance of a faster recovery time.

How do you find a healer? It is important that there is a connection between the healer and the patient just as there is a connection felt between a person and their therapist. The best way to find a spiritual healer is to ask friends and family for recommendations. Your doctor may also have the names of healers in your area. The first healer you find may not be effective if there is no spiritual connection between the healer and the patient. It is possible that another healer could produce results when the first one did not. You should ask questions about the healer you chose before your first visit. Do they have experience with the particular problem you are facing? Often a patient will report an immediate improvement in other areas that were not specifically targeted by the healer. Results will be different for each patient and healers that are effective for one person may not be effective for another one.

Healing sessions typically last between five minutes to up to an hour in length. It may take regular visits to the healer before maximum treatment is accomplished. You will find healers will sometimes charge a small fee, but others will work for free or a small donation.

Remember, healing sessions should not take the place of regular and customary medical treatment!

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