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Reiki What Is It and How Does It Work
The Japanese developed Reiki as a technique for stress reduction and to promote healing. "Laying on the hands" is what drives Reiki. An unseen life force energy flows through all of our bodies and when that energy is low then stress is more apparent and if it is high we feel capable of handling almost everything that comes our way. Reiki is taken from two Japanese words that mean Wisdom or Higher Power and spiritually guided life force energy. Patients report when they are finished...

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Spiritual Healing in the Jewish Religion

Many Jewish patients draw spiritual healing from many sources. A person of the Jewish faith seeking healing may question if the spiritual healing is based on their Jewish religion. Many healers believe healing can occur when someone is realigned with their Higher Power. Healing is not just for the Christian or New Age patients. Jewish spiritual healing may have the same characteristics used in Christian healings. They may meditate, sing, pray, recite Psalms or other Old Testament texts. Many times they are asked to sit quietly and just listen to the sounds around them.

There are many sources available to those of the Jewish faith to aid in spiritual healing. One of those sources is the book of Psalms. Many of the Psalms speak of calling on a Divine power for rescue and spiritual healing. Reading the 23rd Psalm and meditating on what it means is a source or channel for a Divine presence. There is a Jewish tradition that asks a person to read the Psalms chapter every day that matches with their age. If a person were 57, they would read the 57th Psalm and meditate on it each day of that year. Often a single word will jump out at us and will be used in healing.

There are many Talmudic texts that present the mysteries of healing. They call for help from someone even if that person is a person with the gift of healing. The Talmud also speaks of the physical touch of the hands to aid in spiritual healing. The Talmud also says the healer and the client must play an active role in the spiritual healing.

The Jewish faith also has their prayer book, or siddur. Even those who feel they are far removed from their spiritual roots can take comfort and find peace in traditional prayers. There are ritualistic prayers to aid in healing, aiding in bodily functions such as bowel movements, and a daily prayer recited before sleep. All recognize a Divine presence, messengers, or angels surrounding us while we sleep.

Prayers set to music are available on cassette tapes and CD's and there are many Jewish musicians that have prayers available. Such musicians include Reb David Zeller, Debbie Friedman, Shefa Gold, and Hannah Tiferet Siegel. These musical settings are available in Hebrew and English.

Spiritual healers report that each time a patient has a visitor it eases 1/60th of the pain or disease. The more visitors they have the better their chances of physical healings. The effect of community support is seen often in the 12-step support groups and in small spiritual groups or religious organizations. An ill person may learn how to accept help after years of being a giver and nurturer. Many times the patient continues to learn and grow spiritually well past the time of their healing or till the time of their death.

Spiritual healing can encompass all faiths and religions. Recognizing the presence of a Higher Power can lead to physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

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