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Spiritual Healing for Infertility
Healing is one of the most widely practiced methods of alternative medicine. It is widely mentioned in writings from ancient Sumerian, Chinese, and Egyptian writings. Healing is well documented in both the Old and New Testament. Healing is practiced regularly in every culture around the world. Spiritual healing suggests that healing occurs with a spiritual awareness of a Higher Power. Faith healing is a term used by some evangelical Christians but that term suggests visions of shouting...

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Psychotherapy and Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing and psychotherapy, can the stand together side-by-side? One therapist who was skeptical of healing has allowed this technology to change his life and his practice. He visited with several spiritual healers who used various methods like using charkas and "laying on of hands," and Reiki. Many patients who are healed by spiritual healing experience total relaxation, even dozing off during the healing session. They may yawn, become flushed and melt into their seats. Healers may bring out long buried hurts that have been causing anxiety and sickness. Psychotherapists may take months to find the underlying cause of depression or anxiety but a healer may find it minutes!

Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and Meditation healing are three main forms of spiritual healing use in psychotherapy. Although healing does not fit within the boundaries of medicine in the Western world, it has been an accepted part of Eastern medicine for centuries. Healers often experience a tingling or heat sensation in their hands while they look at the body to identify the parts that are in needs of healing. Some healers that have more sensitivity will sometimes see colors or auras around a person that allows them to see their energy field. They are able to detect physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual areas that need healing.

Healing is performed when the healer's mind is centered on helping the patient. The healer needs an acceptance of the patient for whom they are, have a loving awareness of the patient, and an awareness of the universe around them. Impressive research has proven the effects of healing on patients. Over 155 controlled studies have published on the effects of Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Hypnosis, and other methods of spiritual healing.

Psychotherapy deals mainly with the mind and the emotions and many papers and dissertations can be found on healing of pain and anxiety. Especially noted were patients in the cardiac units of many hospitals. These patients are under tremendous stress and anxiety with monitors and beeping machines around them, as well as the visits of teams who are called when a "Code Blue" is issued. Therapeutic touch was found to be effective in calming patients and reducing anxiety. Patients who received a "mock" TT treatment did not experience a decrease in anxiety after their "treatment." Therapeutic Touch is helpful in treating tension headache with a significant difference in patients treated with TT than those who were treated with a mock Therapeutic Touch session.

Therapists find that healing eases many anxieties that occur when there is a release of long pent-up emotions. It seems to give the patients more energy to deal with the long buried emotions. Using spiritual healing in the practice of Psychotherapy helps integrate the release of long buried emotions and allow the Psychiatrist to use therapy in healing those wounds. Integrating spiritual healing and psychotherapy may cut the amount of time a patient needs to be in therapy to heal inner wounds and promote emotional healing. Spiritual and emotional healing often affects family tensions and conflicts.

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