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Spiritual Healing-Deeply Rooted in Christianity
Spiritual and physical healing have deep roots in the history of Christianity. You cannot read about the life of Jesus in the gospels and fail to see that he healed people of their physical and emotional illnesses. His healings drew people to him and he used his ability often and gave his followers the power to heal as well. The Bible tells us that healing begins whenever there is damage or harm done to the body, either individually or as a group. Christianity today focuses on...

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Guidance For Developing an Effective and Healing Relationship to God

Are you looking for Divine guidance, spiritual healing, and help with solving problems? You will find that help with the guidance of God. He can help making difficult decisions, changing lifestyles, and working through a troubling problem. Asking for help from God who has a wisdom that exceeds our own will help you accomplish things that are beyond your own power. Learning to ask God for guidance and waiting for an answer will take patience. Your answers will come sooner or later. Your answers may not be in the way you imagined them but they will come. God answers prayers with yes, no, or wait a while. Developing a deeper relationship with God will help you know and understands the way God answers your requests.

Developing a healing relationship to God is the first step in your spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. Be open with God, be patient, and most of all, listen. You don't need to do all the talking! Sometimes our answers come when we are quiet and allowing our mind to focus on Him. He will let you know what he wants you to do and will help you do what is necessary for lifestyle changes and healing.

Do not try to bargain with God, or promise something for an answer to prayer. Remember God has a purpose for our life and he knows what we need before we even know we need it. Be willing to accept what God provides for us. Learn to relax and rest in knowing that God has only our best interests in mind when he answers prayer. A popular country song a few years ago say a lot when it says "I thank God for unanswered prayers." Put your full trust in his wisdom that is so much more than ours.

Ask God for help with help for your needs. You shouldn't try telling Him what you want him to do. Asking for help and then letting Him guide you to best solution will be in your best interest.

Listen for God to speak to you. Of course, you will have to be quiet to be able to hear him! He may speak to you through spiritual books, the Bible, or your spiritual support circle. There are many ways for Him to communicate with you, but you have to do your part in listening for His voice. Reading spiritual books and meditating will allow Him to communicate with you in ways you cannot imagine. Your answer may come from something you read, a still small voice inside of you, or a word spoken from a spiritual friend.

Developing a spiritual relationship will give you strength, courage, and joy in the face of problems and trials. Be patient and listen carefully, the answer will be there even if the answer is "wait awhile." Spiritual, emotional, and physical healing will come from a Supreme Presence no matter which word you used to call on Him.

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