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Faith Healing In The Christian Religion
Faith healing is a phrase that some Christians use who believes that God physically heals people through the power of the Holy Spirit. This involves "laying on hands" and intercessory prayer. Faith healing is often spoken of in other terms in the Christian world. The Catholic Church believes healing occurs because of intercessory prayer of a saint or a person that has the gift of healing. Physical healing has been credited to many saints of the Catholic Church. It is the most common reason...

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Finding Spiritual Healing in Recovery Groups

Recovery groups play an important part in the recovery of many individuals. Most are based on the 12-step program and focus on drawing closer to God, or the person's Higher Power. You will find support groups for alcoholics, drug addicts, co-dependency, and obesity. You will also find groups that will support you and your family if you are undergoing treatment for any form of cancer, parents with "special" children, and abusive home situations.

Many of these programs can be found in the Yellow Pages of your phone book or on the Internet. Support groups can be helpful by allowing a patient to talk about their problem, hear the stories of other people with the same illness or problem, and help you to take life one day at a time. It helps patients and family relate to others, address their fears, and express their feelings.

Recovery groups will meet at specific times during the week to allow as many as possible to take advantage of them. They may also provide a mentor, or partner to stay close to the member and be on call in case of an emergency. They stress using your relationship to your Higher Power to reflect on your life, illness, or addiction. They also stress you need help to overcome some of these difficulties. A support group can also give you a sense of belonging that may be a part of your spiritual and physical healing. Patients who feel they have a good support system have a quicker recovery and a better chance of not slipping back into old habits.

Patients and families who are suffering from cancer and undergoing cancer treatments benefit greatly from participating in cancer support groups. They are often recommended by doctors for both patients and their loved ones to help them cope with their illness. Cancer support groups can draw strength and hope from other patients and families.

Where do you find a support group? Your doctor can refer you to support groups or tell you where to call for more information. There are support groups for all forms of cancer and you can find the group closest to you by calling toll free numbers. You can find a breast cancer support group by calling 1-800-462-9273. This is the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and they can give you the support groups that are located in your area. The National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations may provide counseling and support group referrals. You can contact them on the Internet at www.pmedia.com/avon.html or by calling 1-212-719-0154.

If you have an addiction you may want to contact your local chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous. They will have a list of AA groups, and other 12-step programs that deal with other addictions and social issues. Taking part in a support group may be the key to healing many emotional and spiritual issues. The group is normally very close knit and will offer prayers and emotional support for their group participants.

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