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Can Spiritual Healing Be Proven?
There are many holistic and therapeutic techniques that involve some spiritual traits. They may use different approaches and styles but all use spirituality as the key. Healers may call upon angels, God, or other spiritual beings to channel healing power to the patient. They may practice in healing centers, hospice care units, nursing homes or hospitals. Spiritual healers will often work long distance over the Internet or the telephone. Schools offer courses in spiritual healing and...

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Dealing With Suffering

Where is God when we are suffering? Many people have asked that question. When God created us he made us perfect until sin was brought into the world. When sin was introduced, suffering followed. It is no longer a perfect world and we can all expect some suffering in our lives. Why is it that some people seem to suffer more than others? Why do some people have to endure constant pain and slow death from cancer? Why do Christian marriages break apart and cause suffering for adults and children? Those are questions that are hard to answer and mostly asked by agnostics or atheists. Suffering Christians have asked the same question and their faith is severely tested because of the suffering they endure.

You may question your spirituality if you are questioning God. That is a human trait but God knows and understands our questions. Why? God sent Jesus to this earth to experience the same suffering we have to endure. Pain, disloyalty, and doubting followers, he experienced it all so He could experience what we will be called on to suffer. Think of the life of Jesus. He experienced toilet training, skinned knees, and betrayal as an adult. He knows what it feels like to face rejection. He spent 33 years walking among humans who were sick, depraved, and watched their suffering.

The final suffering was his painful and horrible death on the cross, betrayal by loved ones, and doubting followers. He made the choice to face the suffering His followers would eventually have to suffer so he could help us when we are facing trials and tribulations.

Jesus no longer walks on this earth. He does use many tools and messengers to show His love for us. He is always near hugs, but the encouragement and us; our fellow humans pray for us. He is nearer to us than we know; he is right beside us, suffering right along with us.

We may never know understand why some people have more suffering than others. The promise we have from the Bible is that we will not be given more than we can bear. The body of Christ does the physical role of Jesus comforting his followers. Our spiritual leaders, and spiritual groups are instrumental in showing love and comforting us in our sorrow. Others will lay hands on people and pray for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. The church and spiritual leaders are the instruments God uses to provide comfort, heal, and hold the hand of the sufferer.

Inner healing is as wonderful as physical healing. God gives us inner strength when we need it and not before. We do not know how we will react to the loss of a loved one, job loss, and the effect of natural disasters. He gives us the grace, love, and peace we need only when we need it. Worrying about suffering can cause physical illness and loss of faith if suffering does come into our lives.

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