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Dealing With Suffering
Where is God when we are suffering? Many people have asked that question. When God created us he made us perfect until sin was brought into the world. When sin was introduced, suffering followed. It is no longer a perfect world and we can all expect some suffering in our lives. Why is it that some people seem to suffer more than others? Why do some people have to endure constant pain and slow death from cancer? Why do Christian marriages break apart and cause suffering for adults and...

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Christian Scientists and Healing

A famous Hollywood couple has brought the Christian Scientist religion to the forefront of the news. Their decision on birthing methods for their child raised eyebrows and was the topic of the news stations for days surrounding the birth. The birth of their baby went fine and they have a beautiful, healthy baby.

Christian Scientists do not believe in any medical intervention. They do not seek medical help for themselves or their children because of their faith. They believe in spiritual healing of all physical conditions and ailments. Recent cases of parents being charged with manslaughter in the deaths of their children have again brought this religion to the front of the news. Prosecutions of Christian Scientist parents are taking place in Massachusetts, California, and Florida. So who is right the Christian Scientist Church and parents, or the law of the land that is the far-reaching question? It is a case of the parent's rights to their choice of religion and the state's right to take care of the children. Parents of these deceased children believe they are being persecuted for practicing their faith. Their faith believes in spiritual healing and does not approve of medical intervention. Many believe that members of this religion and practice this particular religious belief for themselves, but not for their children.

Proponents argue that Christian Science healing is in the parent's right to do what they see as best for their children. They believe their healing practices are an effective method of treatment and so they are doing everything possible to preserve their children's health. They have a support system that includes nursing and sick care facilities but these are nonmedical in nature. They claim that spiritual treatment and prayer works more effectively for the health of their family. Christian Scientists believe that all diseases begin in the human mind and within our relationship to God. They believe that spiritual healing is part of this relationship. One group was told by a practicing Christian Scientist, "Healing happens when your sense of God becomes greater than your sense of the problem or pain." The healing claims made by some Christian Scientists have been medically corroborated by follow-up examinations or medical diagnoses.

The Christian religion believes in spiritual and physical healing. They also believe that healing should be combined with the proper medical care. There are many authenticated cases of physical healing documented through the ages up to present-day. It is a part of most mainstreams Christian churches. Christian Scientists believe that spiritual healing and medicine cannot be combined.

Christian Scientist parents do much soul-searching as they agonize over the illness of their children. They also stand firm in their belief that even doctors cannot guarantee full recovery from some illnesses. With so much medical proof that "faith" healing does indeed cure patients, it is interesting to note the percentage of children dying because their parents refused medical treatment based on their religion is small. In the state of Massachusetts where the Christian Science Church is strong, only one child has died under the care of Christian Scientist parents.

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