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Lymphoma like any other type of cancer doesn't usually manifest symptoms at an early stage. In most cases of lymphoma, symptoms usually happen when the cancer is already a little bid advanced. Lymphoma attacks the lymphocytes, the almost colorless cells found in all parts of the body. Lymphocytes are abundant in the white bloods cells, lymphoid tissues and the lymph nodes. It is an essential element of the human immune system, which fights off infections. When the lymphocytes start to divide and grow abnormally, its natural functions are impaired. Abnormal lymphocytes usually gather in the lymph nodes of an afflicted person causing the lymph nodes to swell. The swelling of the lymph nodes especially those located in the neck area could be the first systems of lymphoma.

Non-painful swollen lymph nodes could a system of lymphoma. At first, a lot of patient would tend to ignore the swelling on their necks especially when the swelling does not hurt. Busy people usually tend to downplay the situation attributing to the swelling to some other causes that is why a lot of patient who eventually see a doctor regarding their swollen lymph nodes are already have a rather advanced case of lymphoma. People with swollen lymph nodes in the chest area are in a more difficult to detect. Swollen lymph nodes in the chest can only be detected if the patient undergoes X-ray. Where a person does not feel any pain, he or she generally do not subject him/herself to X-rays unless she or he is complying with some routine check ups.

This is why people with non-painful
swelling of lymph nodes in the chest area are often times diagnosed later than those which manifest swelling of the lymph nodes somewhere in more prominent areas of the body like the neck. However, let us not forget that swelling of the lymph nodes does not necessarily mean that you have lymphoma. There are a number of reasons why people have swollen lymph nodes and lymphoma is just one of them. To get a definitive verdict as to whether or the swelling of your lymph nodes is just a case of infection or not, it is advised that you go for further test such as a biopsy.

Another symptom of lymphoma is the enlargement of the spleen or splenomegaly. Around 30% of people with Hodgkin's lymphoma manifest this type of symptom however; the enlargement is very seldom massive. In about 5% of the cases, enlargement of the liver is involve. Again, let us remember that these symptoms could be caused by other bodily disorders other than lymphoma so it is better to be sure what is the cause of these enlargements or swellings by taking further definitive test to ascertain your condition.

For some people, systemic symptoms like fever, general fatigue, weight loss, night sweats and itchy skin are present. Studies conducted by the American Cancer Society shows that about one-third of the total number of lymphoma patients manifest systemic symptoms. Systemic symptoms are expected among patients with lymphoma as this type of cancer is considered systemic diseases. Medical studies show that systemic diseases affect not just a portion of the human anatomy but the entire system.

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