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Sick people are usually very difficult to live with. Most people who have been very generous and kind before they get sick often become irritable, emotional and demanding during their illness. People diagnosed with cancer are often the ones who are the most difficult to live with especially when their condition is still very much uncertain. Those who have lymphoma often suffer swelling in their lymph nodes, which are painful and uncomfortable so they are more prone to bad days. For those who have friends and family members who are suffering from lymphoma or from any other types of diseases for that matter, should have more patience when around their sick loved one. Understand that these people are in constant pain and they are not their usual self.

Living with a person who has lymphoma could be very taxing both physically and emotionally. The closer you are to the person who is suffering, the more painful and heavy the burden of seeing them suffer. However, at times like these, the support of family and friends is very important to the patient that you should always be there when he or she needs you no matter how painful it is for you to see him or her suffer.

In order for a family member or a friend of the person who has lymphoma to understand what the suffered in going through, it is very important that you learn the basic principles of the disease. Lymphoma is a type of cancer that attacks the lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are near colorless cells found in the blood, lymph, and lymphoid tissues. Lymphocytes composed of around 25% of our
white blood cells and play a vital role in our immune system. So this means that where a person is suffering from lymphoma, his or her lymphocytes are not functioning, as they should. Where the lymphocytes are not functioning, the sufferer's immune system becomes weak making her or him prone to infections. As a friend or family members of a person with lymphoma, you can expect that throughout the duration of the illness, the sufferer is bound to suffer bouts of infection so be prepared. More often than not, each time the sufferer has infection of some sort; he or she will become increasingly agitated and probably depressed. That is a normal reaction, everyone would feel the same if he or she have been through a series of infection. Be understanding and don't even think of downplaying their discomfort. Sick people are quick to take offense so be sensitive to their needs.

There may be many times along the course of the lymphoma treatment when the patient would want to give up. They would express their need to rest, stop the treatment and be done with it. Most of these episodes are just products of frustrations and that bone weary feeling that people undergoing cancer treatments usually have. Listen to what the patient have to say. Agree to some request if you must but stay focus on the goal of getting treatment for your loved one. You are his or her strength and he/she needs you to be strong always so don't lose that focus. You must always remember that where there is still hope, you should encourage your love one to cling to that hope and be strong.

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