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Lymphoma is a systemic type of ailment, which affects the entire body of the person and not just some isolated spots. This type of cancer attacks the lymphocytes, those colorless cells that are mostly found in the lymph nodes, the lymphoid tissues and the white blood cells. Where the lymphocytes start to divide and reproduce in a rapid and abnormal manner, the patient start to become prone to many forms of infection. Lymphocytes are part of the immune system of the body so once it is impaired; the immune system will not be able to function very well. This is the reason why most lymphoma patients would experience diminished ability to fight off infections as part of their symptoms.

Where the patient is diagnosed with lymphoma, family member would always be tempted to hide the true situation from the patient as much as possible to prevent further emotional and psychological disturbance on the part of the patient. This is a well-meaning action of the family and in one way or another, would have some good effect on the patient. However, not all things that are deemed to be well meaning when performed would do the patient any good. There are many instances where the patient would want to know exactly what is going on and the family should not deny this fact. In cases where the patient do want to participate in all types of discussions regarding his or her condition, the family members should recognize this fact and not try to dissuade the patient from participating.

It is normal for a family member to want to protect the patient form emotional and psychological pain by trying to hide the true nature of the
disease. However, the patient also has the right to know what exactly is the situation. The patient may want to understand what is happening to her or to him so doctors and family members should try not to be evasive when it comes to giving information. In many cases, the patient would become more agitate when family members and the doctors would start talking on whispers regarding the condition of the patient. This kind of conduct will arouse suspicion on the part of the patient that something is terribly wrong and they are not telling him or her the truth. Where the patient becomes suspicious, his or she became difficult to handle. Therefore, where the patient is interested to know every step of the treatment process, it is best to give the patient all the information he or she needs. The thing is, where the patient is involved in the treatment process, her or she will feel less helpless which is very important.

There are many advantages if the lymphoma patient knows the exact situation. First, he or she will understand better why he or she need to undergo some invasive and often painful treatments. Knowing why he or she needs to undergo the treatment will greatly help the patient accept the situation and prevent some form of resistance on the part of the patient. Second advantage of letting the patient know the real situation is that it will help everyone in the cancer management team, the family and even the patient relax more in each other's patients. Having an open communication would foster trust and confidence among the family, the cancer management team and the patient, which is very essential in treatments of lymphoma.

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