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Being diagnosed with lymphoma is a life-changing event for the patients and their family. From the time the results of the test are communicated to the patients and their family, nothing will ever be the same. Different people have varied reactions to bad news. There are those who would deny the fact they are sick and would seek second opinions on the matter. Seeking second opinion is well and good and is even recommended by cancer management teams. Getting second opinion would ensure that the diagnosis is correct and remove all doubts as to the true situation of the patient. Waiting for the results of the second opinion could be more traumatic than waiting for the initial findings. The result of the second opinion could mean a complete turn-around or a complete go on the subject.

Getting a second opinion is a difficult ordeal for the patient. This would mean that he or she would undergo the series of tests and procedures he or she had undergone before. The waiting for the result is even worst and more nerve wracking than the tests and procedures themselves. It is an emotional time for the patients and their family. In times like these, it is very important that the family stays together and gives support to the patient.

Where the second tests results show that the patient does have lymphoma, this would be the time when he or she will need family support in choosing the type of treatment that he or she should take. In some
cases, the patient would be too distraught to think of probable treatment procedures. Where this happens, it is now up to the family to explore treatment options with the cancer management team.

Lymphoma has about 30 types and all these types manifest different characteristics and behavior so it is essential that the cancer management team should be able to pinpoint which type of lymphoma does the patient has and a t what stage. It is all right for the family to ask many questions regarding the status of the patient. It is the right of the patient and the family to know the true condition of the patient. Doctors know that they are legally and morally bound to tell the patient and the family the truth no matter how harsh it might be so you can rest assured that the doctor is telling you everything that you need to know regarding the condition of the your patient.

The support of the family members is very crucial in all stages of the lymphoma treatment process. Lymphoma treatments are mostly invasive specially where the patient's condition is already in the advanced stage. There are many times when the patient would feel so depressed and tired of the whole situation that he or she will start losing hope. When this happens, the family should always be there to give some strength to the patient. Simply knowing that there are people who love them and are willing to stay with them no matter what happens would mean a lot to the patients.

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