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Our lifestyles demand optimum performance. The question is, "How can we control the status of our health?" What types of decisions can we make to increase the quality of our health?

You probably found your way here because you are either taking preventative measures or you are past the preventative and find yourself with deteriorating health. If you are suffering from a health condition, your qaulity of life can be improved by using supplements. Click Here to learn more...

In the case of prevention, there is documented proof that a proper diet will keep you healthier than an improper diet. I suppose one doesn't have to be genius to figure that out, however, let's consider why a proper diet is better.

To confuse the matter worse, some experts proclaim that even if you did eat what would be considered a healthy diet, you still wouldn't get the proper nutrition. Why? Years of farming have through erosion depleted the soil of the necessary elements used by plants to grow in a healthy manner. This means that the vegetables we eat actually have less nutrition than 50 years ago!

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A proper diet in the right proportions will provide the correct amount of nutrients needed in the form of vitamins and minerals to help you body stay in the proper condition. Our problem is that we rarely eat a proper diet, we're either too busy,

I can remember, back in the early 1970's, when Health Food Stores were run by hippies, becoming a vegetarian was a cool thing to do, and I still have a cook book called "Diet for a Whole Planet". Popular belief regarding vitamin supplementation at that time was to take your one a day vitamin.

We're fortunate to be living in this time of history. We now recongnize the need for proper supplementation and healthy living. The purpose of this website will be to look at some of the current issues regarding health and their solutions. Usually the focus will be from an "Alternative" approach. It's been interesting to watch the "Alternative" to become "Normalized".


Healthy Solutions

My approach to healthy living is a little different. I write from experience and research. My experience with health related problems has caused me to do a trememdous amount of research. Poor health has caused me to find solutions to medical problems that tradional medicine hasn't been able to solve. No money has motivated me to seek to most effective solutions at the most affordable cost.

With the multitude of websites for Health and Health related products, you're asking yourself why should I listen to this guy? I'm not a self-proclaimed health expert. However, I have what many so-called experts are missing, that would be experience.

I've studied and practiced living a lifestyle that focues on both the preventative and curative. What I can share is what has worked for me and my family. I'm not doing this solely in an attempt to make a handful of money. I hope to build a degree of trust in you the reader so that I might help you for instance find an affordable source for vitamin C.

All I can do is present to you some options. It's up to you to investigate, make a decision and impliment. As you check out the pages of this site, you'll find new technologies, sources, affordable solutions and discussions of a variety of maladies.

I'm not a doctor. My advise is not intended to heal you. Your body is a magnificient machine, the complexities of which are only beginning to be understood. With that understanding comes the information we need to impliment the dietary and procedural disciplines necessary for good health.

eBooks for Health

Within these pages you'll find various solutions, resources and examples for a variety of health related issues. I research and publish ebooks on issues related to health problems and their solutions. Most of these issues are approached from an althernative solution. Methods that have worked and been used through the ages.

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Always remember, what works for me, might not work for you. Thus the reason for personal research and experimentation for you health related issues. Allow me a for instance. My wife has found that a discipline of carrot juice and Barley Green keep her in top form. Not only does her weight stay down, stomach problems are eliminated and she has plenty of energy! Eating right for her has made a tremendous difference in her life.

We know that proper eating makes a difference for her, because at one point in our lives we had a terrible financial reversal. That means I lost everything! It's tough to buy supplements, vegetables and good food when you have no money and you shop at the local food pantry. It was an extremely tough time in our life and we were thankful that we had food to eat, however, it wasn't health food. Liz went from eating healthy to eating canned food and hot dogs, her stomach was a mess until we were able to get back on a healthy diet. Conclusion----diet & supplements made a big difference!

I like some of the older books, take a look at the new, old book on Iridology. You can read it online.

Eye Care

Of all our faculties, sight has to be one of the most precious. Yet how many of us take our eyesight for granted. As with most things, once our eyesight is diminished or gone we begin to appreciate it most. Once again, it's a scientific fact that the environment, our lifestyles and possibly our work create additional stresses on our most precious faculty, our eyesight.

Now you can take extra precautionary measures to protect your eyes by taking the right supplements. During World War II the pilots from England were giving blueberries to perfect their night vision. Modern technology has allowed us to extract the componets that cause the increase in night vision and scientists have found that they affect your complete vision. Swanson Vitamins has a product called Swanson Condition Specific Vision Essentials this product contains all the necessary nutrients for your eyesight. Consider it a preventative, protecting one of the most valuable assests you have.

Once your loss of sight has progressed to the point of needing bifocals, some have opted for laser surgery. Of course you can always wear glasses. Many people correct their vision by using contact lenses. Contact lenses come in a variety of styles, shapes and material. Smart shoppers will consider buying online.Contact Lenses at up to 70% off at Another great source for contact lenses is Vision Direct, check out their great prices and quick delivery. My wife loves to get her contacts here! Low price guarantee on contact lenses. Choose from all the brand names you trust, like Acuvue, Freshlook and Focus.

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Weight Loss

Are you ready to finally lose weight? 

Meet Hoodia, an organic diet pill that comes from the Hoodia Gordonii cactus.  Hoodia contains a molecule that fools your brain in to thinking that you are full and not hungry.  Hoodia is all natural so it contains no ephedra or caffeine and has no known side effects. The success of Hoodia to help people control appetites and lose weight has been featured on news programs such as 60 Minutes. To get more information about this new discovery Click Here! Buy Hoodia Diet Pills

Does your personality have anything to do with diet or dieting. These professionals think it does, if you've tried everything, try this Advantage: Weight Loss Success with Your Personality!

Let me run another idea past you. How much do you know about soy, and soy protein. Soy is an alternative source of protein, ideally suited for specific weight reduction programs. As in all the ideas supported in this webpage, this is just another option for you to explore regarding your overall health or current malady. The whole idea is to consider the possibilities, look at different ideas, try new things.

The truth is, if you're not satisfied with your health condition as it exists now, you need to do something different. The epitome of ignorance is doing the same thing day in and day out while expecting different results.'s not going to happen unless you do something different! Consider soy as a source of protein, Revival Soy - The #1 Doctor-Recommended Soy Protein Supplement

Sleeplessness & Anxiety

I personally suffer from sleeplessness, anxiety and panic attacks. Through the use of herbs and minerals I've been able to sleep at night and reduce the severeity and number of panic attacks. I wrote a book on the subject of sleeplessness, check out Insomnia Solutions . Recently I came across an excellent ebook on sleep problems and insomnia, its my gift to you, just go to Insomnia Solutions by Powerful Sleep and you can download this ebook for FREE! I also identified an excellent source for herbs that can be bought in bulk, saving you your hard earned dollars.


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Sexual Performance

We live in a time when the word "sex" is no longer taboo. There are many herbs, vitamins and minerals said to enhance the sexual experience. Swanson Vitamins has a line of Passion Products you might consider investigating. If you aren't satisfied, you can always return for a full refund. Click Here to consider some of the newest and most potent forumulas designed for more enjoyable sex. Avela - Viagra Alternative Male Performance Enhancer Also for your continued education on the fuction of your body you may want to pick up a copy of this book, Click Here!

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This subject deserves a page unto its own. Everyone knows the benefit of exercise. Yet everyone has an excuse for not exercising today, myself included. Face it, lack of physical activity will put you in the grave earlier than if you stay in shape. One way to increase the chances of actually doing some exercise is by setting up some equipment at home. I found the perfect supplier of quality equipment. See a huge selection of top brand treadmills and gym equipment at MegaFitness. Low prices INCLUDE SHIPPING!


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