Cholesterol Questions

As I write this a 52 year old football coach with a brilliant career died from a heart attack. What a same! In this day and age there is no excuse for heart related problems due to cholesterol. The range of cures for cholesterol runs from natural treatments to high tech hospital evaluations and finally surgery.

Read the below article along with the recommended resources, I know they'll help you with your cholesterol problems.

Cholesterol Questions:

This article will only give you a short review on what cholesterol is, what causes cholesterol and why your body needs it. After knowing the basic facts about this subject you can find more complex article on the web.

The cholesterol questions many people have been asking - What is cholesterol? Do we need it? What are the risks of cholesterol? The answers to those questions will follow.

Cholesterol is a fat- like substance that comes from certain foods and is also produced by our own bodies. There are basically two types of cholesterol,  (LDL) "bad cholesterol” and  (HDL) "good cholesterol”.  LDL delivers cholesterol to our bodies, while HDL takes cholesterol out of the bloodstream.

Do we need cholesterol? Absolutely! Cholesterol helps with vital functions in the body,  it's needed for our brain to function properly and is a main component of our cells.

Risks of cholesterol? Having  high levels of blood cholesterol being deposited in the arteries can lead to heart disease. 

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Where does it come from? Cholesterol is found naturally in the following foods: Eggs,  milk,  butter,  cheese, fish, meat (red) and poultry. Some foods contain a high cholesterol content such as liver, dairy, fats and egg yolks.

If you are concerned about your cholesterol level you should visit your doctor to have it checked. A sample of your blood is taken, the levels of LDL and HDL measured and then you will be presented a plan to help get your cholesterol level back to normal.

If you have a high LDL level,  you will be told to go on to a diet of low cholesterol foods such as: whole grains,  beans and fruits. Your doctor may also give you the option of medication to assist in reducing your cholesterol level.


It is not possible for you to know if you have a high cholesterol level without having it measured. So as a precaution you should at least take steps to establish your current cholesterol level.

Don't wait until it is too late - Ensure that your cholesterol is under control, have it checked and adapt your lifestyle to ensure healthy living!

More cholesterol information coming soon! Make sure you come back!!!

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